Lovesong Lullaby

About the Author and Illustrator

Steven Clawson:  ​Steven Clawson’s essence is rooted in his hometown, Thomasville Georgia; a physical and metaphoric crossroads for the rich heritage of musical influences that span the South.
As a little boy when he first discovered his father’s worn and tempered acoustic guitar he knew his calling was upon him, and so did everyone around him.
Steven inhabits a rare breed of timeless musicians whose work streams with sincerity. His live performances are intimate, yet resonate a powerful clarity that touches each member of the audience. His voice breaks with uncalculated risk, organically driven by his emotional core. 
Steven’s studio sessions provide him with the opportunity to collaborate with artists of shared passion and integrity. The result is an emotional explosion that breathes a universal light into his heartfelt lyrics.
Fans have likened Steven’s performances to some of the old- school greats like Elvis, James Taylor and Garth Brooks. “Southern Soul” is often used to describe his music – a respectful reference to the archetypal fusion of blues, soul and Southern rock, all deeply rooted in the broad spectrum of his compositions.
Steven has spent the last few years touring and promoting 3 independently released albums: Southern Soul, Restless, and Miles To Go. He is currently working on a new full length album with producer Jay Joyce.



Andréa Anderson:  Andréa Lynn Anderson grew up in the small town of Lyme, CT where there was no escaping the influence of art.  As the youngest of five children, she was privileged to have been raised in a house full of music and art by virtue of her loving parents.  After receiving her bachelors from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, she traveled and lived in various locations within the US and abroad before settling in Topanga Canyon, California. Throughout her life she has been inspired by the imagination of children while opening their eyes to a world of art. Anderson is passionate about the influence of art in shaping and healing the young spirit.